I find the world extremely busy moving and oh-so-fast. Just about everyone is consumed with multi-layered visual stimulations. Being dyslexic/ADD, I find my head numb to the norm lifestyle. On the other hand, I find great joy in the simplest of the minimalist things. Clean lines and solid colors speak to me. Oh- all those numbers that you find in all my works let you the viewer know my process and sequence into my dyslexic creative mind. 

All my works are 100% created from found objects and recycled materials. This obsession with discarded goods as my canvas, I credit to my family. I cannot justify myself spending money on personal art materials when the health and wellbeing of my family comes first; so I find myself creating my artworks on mail envelopes, newspapers, books, paper out of recycle bins, cardboard, plywood, etc. Even my coloring materials; pencils, paint brushes, paint were found and or donated.  It wasn’t long that I found a great joy/challenge creating artworks out of one's discarded goods.

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